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New in 2021! Discover My Smart Cash, the e-money at Club del Sole

My Smart Cash is an innovative cashless payment method that uses an electronic wristband, and will be available from 2021 in the following Club del Sole Family Camping Villages: Jesolo Mare, Spina, Vigna sul Mar, Adriano, Marina, Pini, Stork, Orbetello, Stella del Mare, Marina Julia and Desenzano Glam Village.

Wear the bracelet

Recharge the bracelet

Make cashless payments
quickly and securely

You can conveniently activate the service in the Village on the personal ID wristband you are provided with when you check in. After putting it on, you can add credit at any cashpoint or at the reception and use it for easier access to the various areas in the village and to make payments without using cash.

15 euro e-money credit if you check in online

If you are about to set off for your family holiday in one of our Villages, remember to complete your online check-in. It is the fastest and most convenient way to halve waiting times when you arrive in the village and are required to fill out the necessary documents.

Starting from this year, checking in online is even more convenient. If you booked at least 3 nights in an accommodation (no pitches) and you choose this method, you will receive a maximum of 15 euros credit per family (or 5 euros per person) uploaded directly onto our electronic payment system, only in the Family Camping Villages in which the service is available. For those staying in a village that does not use the e-payment system, you will instead receive a pizza voucher for each person (for max. 3 people), which you can spend in the restaurant of your choice in the village.

Please consult our dedicated page to find out all about our web check-in system.

FAQs about My Smart Cash/e-money. Everything you need to know about the Club del Sole electronic payment scheme

My Smart Cash enables you to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about carrying money around with you for payments inside the village. Here below you will find some useful FAQs to help you understand how the service works:

What is Club del Sole My Smart Cash?

My Smart Cash is an innovative payment method that you will find from 2021 in some Club del Sole villages. You can pay with your electronic bracelet and without cash.

Which Family Camping Villages will adopt My Smart Cash?

In 2021 the service will be available in the following Club del Sole Family Camping Villages: Jesolo MareSpinaVigna sul MarAdrianoMarinaPiniStorkOrbetelloStella del Mare, Marina Julia and Desenzano Glam Village.

How does My Smart Cash work?

Upon arrival in the Camping Village you will be given a bracelet that allows you to enter the campsite: this is the strictly personal identification method reserved for guests of the Village and must be worn for the entire duration of the stay. If you wish, Club del Sole My Smart Cash can be activated on the bracelet. To do this, you simply load some money on the bracelet by cash, credit, and debit card at the reception, or by credit and debit card at any sales point in the village (except the market). With our e-money service you will be able to access the various areas of the village more easily and make payments quickly and safely without using cash or carrying your wallet. Even children can be autonomous using their bracelet for small payments.

Can My Smart Cash be used for any payment within the village or are there limitations?

You can use the e-money service for any payment within the village, except in the arcade.

Is My Smart Cash on payment?

No, My Smart Cash comes with no extra cost for the guest. In addition, if you booked at least 3 nights and you do the web check-in, you will be gifted a 5-euro credit per person on one bracelet, up to a maximum of 15€.

Is there a charging cost for the bracelet?

No, there is no charging cost for the bracelet.

How many bracelets will be given to each family unit?

The bracelet is personal, and it will be given to each guest of the village.

Can I go into the water with the bracelet?

Yes, the bracelet is waterproof.

What should I do if I lose the bracelet?

Just go to the reception and promptly report its loss. The bracelet will be blocked, and you will be given a new one. The remaining credit of the old bracelet will be transferred on the new one.

What should I do if I have credit left on my bracelet at the end of my stay?

The leftover cash credit will be returned to you at the reception.

Do I have to return the bracelet at the end of the stay?

No, the bracelet is disposable and must not be returned: you can keep it as a small souvenir of your Club Del Sole holiday.